Land in California, A Land Of opportunity


These days people are investing their life savings into something to secure their future and themselves. In the past, people never use to take land into consideration as an investment. But with rising consciousness, these days, instead of stocks and bonds, the land has been seen as a solid investment something that people can actually feel and see with their own senses like eyes and hands. Since buying a land anywhere is quite stressful, but purchasing a land in California is a better option.

California is one of the most lucrative land investments in the whole USA. The trouble that investors deal with is that they are scared to tap into that market. Certainly, California has a struggling economy, but who doesn’t?

Since California is known to be a Golden State and leaping into the land investment is the best option to secure your future. One needs to take these reasons into consideration why California land may be a smart investment for you:


Buying Land in California Is expensive, but selling also makes you money:

Since buying a land in California is pricey and you need to pay a bit higher than a similar tract would be priced in Ohio. The reason being, location plays a vital role and the market is different. The land is priced differently in California than it would in most other places in the United States. Even the cost of living is higher too. It means that if you buy and sell at the right time you may be able to reap just enough profit


You are not the only one who is scared:

In this unstable economy these days, one has to be a bit daring to invest in anything then you might have in the past. Most of the people out there are afraid to invest in anything at all, let alone high-priced California land. The point here is that when there are few investors in California land, those who are intrigued in obtaining will have fewer places to go. The less competition you have, the higher profits are going to be.


California is not a Cheap:

…and so Californian people have a lot of money. It is not that people are only rich here, their lifestyle is also rich. And when it comes to buying land, they have quite a few reserved for them.  Those residing in California likely have more money to invest in a plot of land than those who live in Ohio or Michigan due to the lower cost of living. If you can reach the right audience, you can take advantage of this fact.


Since, investing in land anywhere can be risky, not to mention scary. Land in California may be the best way to expand your investment portfolio, and reasons mentioned above are few of them. The Land Spot is your best option to get your hand on the best land in the Golden State. Call today at 888-822-0729 or visit our website


Guidelines About Seller Financing Land:


The guideline preferred standpoint of seller financing land is that the agreement is thoroughly up to the social affairs – the merchant and buyer. Banks and acknowledge unions aren’t related to the essential administration or the masterminding. Here are 3 specific break downs for merchant financing, and how it works:

Vendor financing is the time when the merchant agrees to finance the course of action for the purchase. This is interesting in connection to a rent to have an agreement. Unlike the rent to guarantee agreement, dealer financing deals incorporate specific whole deal plans, be that as it may, have for all intents and purposes whole open door in the necessities. The merchant goes about as the bank, requiring a routinely planned portion for the land. Nevertheless, the buyer really guarantees the property, once the comprehension is settled upon. There is a combination of favorable circumstances with this kind of course of action. Here is a few of them:

Negligible initial installment:

Some other kind of financing would require a level of the cost as a forthright portion. In case the buyer can’t pay a huge introductory portion, merchant financing empowers them to buy a house they, for the most part, couldn’t bear. The forthright portion still does what it needs to do – it gives the vendor some money straightforward, and it ensures the comprehension between the two social events.

Personalized monthly payments:

In light of the upfront installment, the buyer and merchant can go to their own specific terms on the routinely planned portion. Since the dealer is going about as the bank, the land advance can be on terms the buyer and merchant favor of.


Buying doesn’t influence your credit assessment:

Despite whether the buyer means to live in this house for a significantly long time or not, this game plan won’t impact later courses of action. Since there isn’t a bank occupied with this method, the buyer and merchant won’t be affected by it. Thusly, as long as the course of action goes okay, future buy won’t be enriched on this game plan.

Adaptability in the buy timetable

Since the bank is excluded, the buyer and dealer have the chance to make a full game plan. There are a couple of points of interest that will require some genuine vitality, yet all things considered, the two social affairs can choose the arrangement and move-in dates.

Accessible choices that banks can’t offer;

By and large, if the buyer and dealer can find essential terms, the game plan can be as intriguing and inventive as the two needs. The bank has a huge amount of traditions to keep up, that individual vendors and buyers don’t have to fundamentally consider. This can even join arrive contracts, lease choices, and whole deal financing.

Since everything can’t be included this article about Seller Financing Land. We, The Land Spot might want you to visit our site and find out about this particular subject. You can likewise call us at 888-822-0729 to find out about our exceptional arrangements ashore in Arizona and California.

29 Palms Land: The new opportunities zone


We see today that urban life has covered all possible spaces within the habitable territories. It has been a great advantage that large cities have been established, providing shelter and development opportunities for a good part of population (infrastructure, business, commerce, education, healthiness, a wide range of leisures), and facilities for good performance of daily activities, such as public services (water, sewers, electricity, gas, telephony and Internet, paved roads), among others.

But this development has brought as a consequence a range of problems of the same, such as overpopulation, a collapse of roads and public services, insecurity, pollution and above all, reduction of space for urban development. Those problems are facing by regional and local authorities on a daily basis and that represents a challenge in our modern societies. And it is a reality to which California state doesn’t escape.

However, this has motivated many people to look for options beyond the urban and suburban periphery, adapting to new areas and motivating their growth. And in this search, making it local within the state of California, has resulted in a locality within the same state which begins to shed light at the end of the tunnel for solving the space lack for urbanism problem:

29 Palms Land!

Located in San Bernardino County, about 50 minutes to Palm Springs, California and just over a couple to Los Angeles, this wonderful zone has some characteristics that make it stand out as an area with potential:

  • Placed near attractive hills and great views. The terrain is flat with mountains very close.
  • Possibilities of growing to capitalize it and gain instant equity.
  • Gives the gift of enjoying the serene beauty of the desert.
  • Easy accessibility, very nearest of urban centres.
  • Land-sized around 5.02 Acres.
  • Safe and quiet environment, away from urban chaos


In addition, the area, which is in rapid expansion, has facilities such as:

  • Existing, expanding and well maintained paved roads, you can access the zone in a Car or RV.
  • GPS tracking: at coordinates 34.155467 -116.154008, it can be checked on Google Maps (for example).
  • The zoning is appropriate for vacant residentials, single families, manufactured, modular, mobile homes, Trailer, RV, for horses ranches, among others.
  • Existence of primordial public services: electricity power lines, water, sewer (septic put in), among others
  • Low taxes zone, very important.
  • Closest Community/City To The Property: Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley, Apple Valley, Palm Springs, Victorville, CA, Cathedral, Salton, Yucca Valley, Palm Springs, Riverside City, CA

So, these are most aspects that characterize and make attractive this area located in San Bernardino County. Which leaves the following question: how could you invest in it?

Contact  Us:

If you are interested in investing purposes, but facing a tough time finding a reliable and trustworthy company, The Land Spot is the most reputed one among many companies. We offer exceptional customer service and a highly skilled team.

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Purchase a Land by Owner Financing


When we are talking about investment, investing your money on property is a promising business. As we know, property’s price is always increasing over years. It is why a property is always a good investment for the future. There are so many choices on the types of the property that you can invest such as real estate and land. Whether you want to own or sell it the price will always higher than last year.

Investing in the land can require a huge money at first that is why this might be a tough choice for some people. The most critical thing when you are about to buy a property is the funding. Usually, a bank will provide you a mortgage with interest so that you can buy land or house by installments. Now, there is another option which is owner financing land or real estate for the buyer so that they can purchase a land in an easier way.

More Explanation about Owner Financing Land

The definition of owner financing is exactly as it sounds. It is a solution for the buyers because the owner will fund the purchase instead of by getting a bank mortgage. Do not get confused by seller financing because it has the same meaning with the term owner financing. How does it work? Just like any other loan, there is a contract between buyer and owner on a repayment schedule, interest rate and any consequences that both parties agreed.

Owner financing is usually a short-term contract, five years or less. The owner of the land will take the place of the bank and the buyer will send a monthly payment to the owner. The buyer will also get monthly interest from the loan. In this case, the owner has a right to sell the load to the investor. Then, the buyer will pay to the investor who purchased the loan.

The Advantages of Owner Financing Land

From a buyer’s point of view, there are some advantages of owner financing, which are:

  • Lower total cost. You are not dealing with a bank where there are so many administrative requirements. This means it will reduce the total cost which buyer can purchase the land at a lower price.
  • Lower down payment. You are dealing directly with the seller. The minimum down payment is agreed by both parties. But, do not expect the seller to negotiate on this.
  • The faster process. There is no need to wait for the administration process from the bank, or the legal department underwriter and the loan provider to clear your file. You can directly deal with the owner and purchase process can be done quickly.


Owner financing is uncommon when it has to come with real estate but when it comes to purchasing land, owner financing is commonly acceptable. For example, there is a land in 29 Palms, California which you can purchase only USD 5,995. You can pay 10% down payment and pay USD 149 monthly with easy payment plans by owner financing. Contact us for more information.


The Beautiful City of Joshua Tree


Joshua Tree is located in the San Bernardino County, California, Unites States. The city and its surrounding counties are situated in the California High Desert. Joshua Tree Land refers to the plots available for sale and rent in the city.

City Name:
The city gets its name from the plant belonging to the genus Yucca commonly called Joshua tree. The tree consists of dagger-like leaves and sprawling, zigzagging branches which resemble a Biblical story in which Joshua reaches his hands up to the sky in prayer. Hence the tree was named Joshua tree by the Mormon settlers.
Joshua Tree Land:
This refers to the plots available for sale and rents within the city. The plots range from 400sq.ft to 8,000 sq.ft. The lots are of a reasonable price and have a picturesque view. Though Joshua Tree Land is situated within the desert region it boasts marvellous vegetation. There are fruit trees like apple, apricot, plums, peach, nectarines, orange, grapefruit, lemon, dates, etc, in abundance. The green houses in the lands contain flowers like roses and irises. The plots are located in such a way that the art galleries, salons, shops and restaurants are within a walkable distance. The houses have a great view of the desert and hills. They give an escape from city traffic and have easy accessibility. Most of the houses built-in the city are made out of wood and date back to the 19th and 20th century. These houses are a dream come true for people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the fast paced city life.
Joshua Tree National Park:
This National Park is well-known for its campgrounds and its two distinct ecosystems. The Mojave and the Colorado deserts meet here at the park. It has a variety of plants and animals, dark, beautiful night skies, rich, cultural history and an amazing wilderness. The wildlife in Joshua Tree is protected by enforcing strict rules on only viewing the animals, but not taking them from their natural habitat. The visit to the Joshua Tree National Park will be an unforgettable experience.
Life in Joshua Tree:
The life in Joshua Tree will consist of outdoor barbecues, stargazing, camping and a lot of idyllic and social activities. It boasts a population of more than 7,000 people which signifies a close-knit community. Rain gives way to a desert full of life and green. An orange and yellow studded dawn, a cornflower blue sky, majestic rocks sculpted by Nature, a clear, dark, star-filled sky are just a few of the amazing sights that Joshua Tree Land has to offer. Living in such a scenic city filled with Nature’s abundance will be a dream come true.

So, if you are looking for property or land for sale in Arizona, The Land Spot offers you amazing residential properties in the heart of Joshua Tree. Call 888-822-0729 to check the available land and you can also visit for more information on types of property in Arizona.

Opportunity In Arizona To Purchase Land


Investing in the real estate is gaining popularity. No matter it is residential of commercial property, it will be a safe and profitable to invest in the real estate. If you are a resident of Arizona, the Land Spot brings you opportunity to invest in real estate in Arizona. You must grab this opportunity as it is getting tough to fins the land here in Arizona. Investing in Arizona’s real estate will be profitable because of the reasons mentioned bellowing this article.

Can Be Used In Multiple Ways

If you have bought a piece of land in Arizona, it can be used both for a residential and a commercial purpose. Many people are willing to settle in this state due to extensive development and growth. It is the presence of Grand Canyon, which makes this land popular amongst adventure enthusiasts, tourists, movie directors, etc.. Due to this the land here also has a good value which keeps increasing. You can use the land for renting out, building a commercial building or just for own use. It depends completely on your thinking, how well you want to utilize the land in this area full of opportunities.

Secure Way Of Doing An Investment

Many people like to lock their liquid assets into different types of investments like shares, equity funds, schemes etc. These investments are good for a small amount of money, but if done for a big amount, there can be a major risk of losing it. It is because the terms and conditions in such investments keep changing and sometimes these changes cannot be predicted even. If you have done an investment in the share market, there are chances that the rate of return might decrease and your amount may become lesser than the amount you had invested. If you have a big amount and you do not want to keep it in a bank or a liquid form, you can choose to invest it in real estate. The main reason for doing so is that this investment is very safe and the face value of the real estate always increases instead of decreasing. An investment done today in real estate today will definitely get you more profit in the future.

To get the best return, you must choose a real estate which has the scope of development around its area and must see few other factors too. Arizona is one of the best states in the United States of America to make an investment in the real estate.

Availability Of Land In Arizona

The Land Spot a real estate company from Los Angeles founded by Patrick J Elder. The Land Spot is known for getting the best deals in the real estate for its clients, and now we offer you land in Arizona. To get in touch with us, email us at or give us a call at 888-822-0729.

Invest In Perfect Land In California With These Tips


Having a beautiful home in a private area, after the retirement is a dream for all of us. The best way to fulfill this dream is to find a land and build your home as per your ideas and taste. To find a land in California, you can do a research on the internet. Use the keyword California land to get better results. As you start looking for some good options, you will be getting various choices. Since investing in a land needs a considerable amount of money, you must invest your money in the right place. In this column, we shall talk about the different things which collectively make a piece of land a perfect place for your future home.

Qualities Of A Good Land For Home Purpose

  1. Approachable

The land should be accessible, i.e. it should be well connected with roads. By this, we do not mean that the land should be on the side of a very busy highway but should not even be very far from the road. If the house is too far from the road, this will be a problem while construction and also be tough to access later. If the land is close to the road side, you will be disturbed by the noise of the cars and trucks running on the road. You will also be surrounded by pollution. So, make sure the land you are buying is easily accessible but not too close to the roadside.

  1. Facilities That are Available In The Vicinity

To make life comfortable, it is important that the facilities like a supermarket, gas station, places for entertainment, etc., are also available in the nearby location. If you are getting the option of purchasing a land where such facilities are not available, but there is a scope of these amenities to come in the future, you can think of buying this land. Such a plot will also be cheaper as it is not yet developed completely. To be on the safer end, you will have to do a research on the scope of development.

  1. Water And Electricity

Electricity and water are essential for comfortable living. If your land does not have a supply of water and electricity, living there will be very tough. Before buying the land, you must ensure that the area has a good supply of water and you can get the electricity connection.

  1. Rights On Minerals

There are some technicalities which are often looked upon by us while buying land. Right on the minerals present on the land is one such issue. If the land you have selected has minerals available in it, you must have the right to the minerals. If you do not have these rights, your land can be taken away by the government. It is better to not buy the land which has the probability of minerals present in there. Many property dealers will tell you that it does not really matter but you should not fall for their statements.

California Land for Sale With

If you are looking for a perfect land for your future, you must contact a good real estate dealer. We are capable of finding the best California land for sale as per your requirements. To contact us call us at 888-822-0729 or email at

Do Not Wait Or Someone Else Will Buy A California Land


California, a city where everyone dream to spend their life. California, a fairy land with entertainment all over the place. It has the highest land value in the US. It gives you a view of beaches coastline and snow-capped ski hills. Often people look for weather conditions; California has Mediterranean to sub-arctic climate. It has recorded the highest temperature in the Western Hemisphere at 134 °F yet.

What You Don’t Know About California?

Are you fantasizing about living in a place with breathtaking views and peaceful surroundings, buying California land is the best option.  Every year thousands of people throng to California’s Hollywood for an attempt to snatch a piece of the movie and television’s pie. California, every year provide 13 percent (GDP) that is $1.8 trillion as per the survey’s done by US govt. The unemployment rate is 12.5 percent since 2010 and still balanced. Due to the availability at affordable rates, the underdeveloped land can make all your visions come true. California has been waiting for investors since it is a buyer market. It has unbelievable investment potential since the recession. People are always suspicious when it comes to investments like stocks and bonds but the land has always been viewed as a solid investment. Something that people can actually see and feel with their own eyes and hands. It is possible to ooze profit out of it later.

High prices! Don’t worry it is going to be beneficial later:

Undoubtedly, land in California has always been higher than other states in the US. The reason is the location giving you an authentic view of Alps, coastline, and beaches. If you are thinking about the living cost, it is obviously going to be high but if you buy and sell at the right time which you will be able to reap profit from different sources other than land as well.

Everyone is not brave enough to invest:

California a Golden State, you have to be a bit spirited to invest in anything. People are afraid out there who are afraid to invest in this let alone high-priced California land. Since there are very few investors in this city, you will have many opportunities. As business rule says, the less competition, the more profit. All of these things are important when it comes to investing in land and reaping the profits.

Yes, California is an expensive Place to reside:

People living in California have a filthy load of dollars. Californian people believe buying land is a much better investment than any other which keep them motivated and passionate compared to other states. People living in California believe that, if you are living here you need to maintain your standards at all cost. If you can reach the right audience, you can take advantage of this fact and make your life sophisticated and porch as well.

It has always been a myth that investing in land anywhere can be scary and risky. But investing in California Land will and has always been considered fruitful. So why are you waiting? Call The Land Spot to buy a piece of California land at 888-822-0729.

How Is Seller Financing Land An Easy Way To Get Land


People who are willing to buy land, bur are not able to do so due to the lack of finance, have the option of Seller Financing Land. With the Seller finance, it becomes really easy to procure land. With this option, you can even make the best of your small savings. In this article, we will talk about how the seller financed land can be a boon to all the people like students, young professionals, and beginners in business who have small savings. We will also talk about the things which you should keep in mind to avoid any losses.

  1. Easy And Simple Financing

When you are considering a conventional bank for a loan, there are going to be a number of formalities. The loan is given by keeping one of your properties on the mortgage basis. If you do not have any such property or all your properties are already under a mortgage, getting the loan from the bank might be a difficult task. In such a case, getting a loan from an owner is easy.

  1. Flexible Rules And Deals

If you are taking a loan from a bank, it will be difficult to get the loan approved. This is because there are a number of formalities and rules in a bank for definite reasons. These rules and formalities can make it very tough to get the loan and you may loose the opportunity of buying the right land. The terms, rates amount to be paid, dates for payments, and many other things involved can be negotiated with proper talk and reasoning. With this option, one will be able to get the best deal out of a mediocre deal.

  1. Possibility Of No Down Payment For The Loan

Since the deal is between you and the seller of the house, there is a big possibility of zero percent down payment for the loan. In the banks and conventional finance companies, you might have to pay twenty to thirty percent of the down payment. There is a possibility that the owner of the land may even ask for 50% down payment, but since the deal is between two individuals, the terms can be negotiated.

  1. Can Be Acquired Even If You Do Not Have An Impressive Credit Scores

To get a loan from a conventional bank, you will need to show a good credit score to the bank. To get the good credit scores you need to pay your credits on time. Credit scores also depend on how much you have used a credit card. If you are not using the credit card regularly, you will not have a really good credit score. In such a case to get the land, looking for seller financing land will be a wise option.

The seller financed land also has some shortcomings. This is a very good option but if you do not want to take the high risks, you can take help from To contact us give us a call at 888-822-0729 or email us at

Ways To Make Money By Investing In Dirt Cheap Land


Everybody wants to make extra money and different people have different ideas. Some people believe in investing in shares, some do a part-time job, and many other people have smart and bizarre ideas to make money. To make more money you will have to invest more. Fo example, even if you are having a good luck in the share market, the money you make depends on your investment. If you do not have a lot of money but still want to make some extra money, you can invest in real estate. It is the trend nowadays that people invest in dirt cheap land and wait for its value to increase and thus be able to make extra money out of it in future.

Investing in a cheap land to get the gains is a slow process but it is a sure shot method. It has less risk and we can assume that the face value of the land will always increase. No matter how cheap the land is, with time it will have a better value than the one at which you purchased it. If you want to get the best gains out of your investment in the land, you must understand few things and go ahead accordingly. Here are some of the things we advise you to see before investing in land or real estate.

1. Location

A land in a remote area will have minimal value, but as there will be some development near its location, then there will be an increase in its value. After the development, it is the location of the land which will determine its value. If the location is in a very secluded area far from the developed zones then you cannot expect to get a good price. But if the area is the developed zone, then you can even expect to get enough returns to compensate the price paid by you, just by renting the land.

2. Scope Of Development

If you are buying a land, you must do a survey before buying it. You should see if there is any interest of the government in that particular area. There are many corporates also who plan to make their stores or factories in some areas. If you get an opportunity to buy a land in the area where there is an interest of the government or some bureaucrat, you must not leave it. But if you are getting a land at very less price in an are where there is no scope of development, then you must not invest hee.

3. Availability Of Electricity And Water

Before buying any cheap land make sure to know of there will be water and electricity in that area or not. If there is no electricity and water, you will not be able to sell the land in future.

To get the best dirt cheap land you can contact The land Spot. We can find the best land for you as per your requirements. To know more about us give us a call at 888-822-0729.